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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Fall Family Project

 I know that it is not Halloween, or even Fall right now, but I wanted to show off the amazing little pumpkin family project we did last year with our TK class.  I got the idea from my son's 2nd grade teacher, but he had to read the book, write a book report, and then make his "Character Pumpkin."  It was such a fun family project for us, I thought the TK families would enjoy the project too. 

We asked each family to choose a book, read it, and pick a character from it to make their pumpkin into.  We had such a great response.  We had children who wanted to complete the whole pumpkin on their own, and others that made it a family project.  They came out great!!

I think my favorite one was the mummy mini pumpkin!!  It was so simple, but the cutest little guy I had ever seen. 

I think this little batty guy was fun too!!

I'm trying to remember what book this little lady came from, but I can't remember.  Maybe a Pinkalicious book??

This is a view of all our great pumpkins!! 
I love themed projects and Halloween/Fall is a great time to do them with our families.  We also do our Star of the Week themed family project for each student.  Each student gets a large piece of poster board and they can decorate it anyway they'd like.  We have had some students just use crayons and stickers, and others who went all out with photos, writing, and magazine cut-outs of their favorite things.  It is a lot of fun looking at them and giving the students a chance to explain them to their classmates.  I can't wait until next school year and more family project!!