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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Resolution

Ok, we all do it.  We start the New Year with all sorts of goals, resolutions and wants... but most of those are left in the wind when the real world begins again.  Yet, we do it anyway. :)

I know I have some goals in mind.  Like keeping up with this blog.  I love blogging, it really is a great way to record what I have done and how I have grown over the course of the school year.  So, one of my New Year Resolutions is /Blog More!!! 

Another big resolution I have is to find that balance in my teaching.  Teaching TK is wonderful and I love it.  The kids bring me so much joy, and I have a passion for educating young children.  I am finding that balancing the need to learn through play and meeting the guide lines that my school sets is becoming more and more of a challenge.  I know my Little's need to play, that is their work.  I set up the housekeeping with lots of differentiated activities to help with math, reading, writing, as well as social emotional skills.  For instance, we had play dough in the housekeeping before break.  I set it up with lots of measuring tools, cookie sheets with cut outs for 1:1, different "decorations" for the cookies for sorting, and even different outfits to help promote self-esteem, social emotional skills, and problem solving (since only 1 apron has to be shared).  I do my lessons during center time, I teach handwriting, have a sensory table and lots of books.  But.... still I have parents saying, "Why isn't my child farther along!" ARGH!!!!

I bring my patience to the forefront (as we teachers have to do a lot ;)) and quietly explain the developmental growth of each child is different, that each child is where they need to be NOW, and that their child is making progress, just at their own rate.  Meeting the child where they are at is the hardest thing for a  parent to understand.

So, here I am on the 5th day of the New Year, scouring websites, blogs, and TPT in hopes to find the "AH HA" magic that will make every parent happy, every child learn, and this teacher balanced :)  I know, I know... never gonna happen... but a teacher can hope right.

I hope that all is wonderful in all the classrooms out there in blogland and I am wishing all of you a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!