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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Funny How Fast it Goes!!

Funny how fast the first part of the school year goes.  The summer seemed to be full of travel and getting ready for the new school year, then it was getting everything ready for parent night and conferences, and then our Thanksgiving feast and low and behold it was time for our Winter play... Which went off beautifully!! Now the next few months will fly by and it will be Summer again! How does this happen??
I guess the older we get the faster time moves, my boys are growing up, the twins are driving... ACH!!! I guess that's why I love TK, I am in perpetual childhood mode.  The kids move on to be replaced with who they were just a year before, it keeps me young.
I had always wanted another child, a girl (having 4boys will do that to you ;)), but now I think about how a baby would fit into my life.  I LOVE my job and can't see ever giving it up, but if I had a baby, I would.  That's just me, I know I could work too, but I know myself and I couldn't do both well.  So, working with my littles gives me the fulfillment that I craved with wanting another child.  Plus, I get a lot of the best and only some of the worst ;)
Before break one of my little guys, which I have 12 this year with only 2 girls, said to me, "Ms Michelle, I know I love you, I don't just think it."  This is the same sweetie that tells me everyday how beautiful I am, how lovely (yes, he says lovely) my voice is, or how much he likes the clothing I am wearing.  I needed this break after such an exhausting holiday season, but that little statement brought me the desire and anticipation to head back to that classroom in a weeks time to bring joy and learning to all my little friends.  
Not that I won't enjoy every last minute up until that moment ;)

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