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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Farm Night

Well, it's been awhile, but I am going to a blogger meet up next month and realized I have not been blogging at all.  Since the holidays it seems it has been one big thing at school after another.  If it's not a performance, or singing, it is a special evening to show the parents and families the great reasons why they choose our school to send their children to. 
We had a Farm exhibit in TK and we had a blast!!  Our topics mostly centered around farm animals and gardening for food.  We had a great time learning about where our eggs come from, how to grow vegetables to eat and even where our milk comes from.  Below you will see how my room looked before the event.  The pool is for the baby chicks that we had. 
The chicks have been with us for a week and range in age from a week and half old to almost three weeks old.  They were really getting the hang of flying and would roost on our arms, and then take flight right off, flapping their wings and scaring the begeezus out of some of the kids... pretty funny actually ;)
This is just one of our little feathered friends.  They were pretty stinking this year, but we loved holding them, looking at them and talking about them.

We had a farmers market where we could "sell" all the veggies, eggs, and milk we were able to produce on our farm.

another view from the door

this is the bulletin board outside of our room... that is one of our "gardens" that we used to "plant" carrots, potatoes, radishes, and corn

view into our classroom
this was our "milking" cow Bessie... the kids absolutely loved her!!!
I don't know what they loved more, the cow or the chicks, but it was pretty close!!

we decided to make some butter from the "cream" Bessie produced ;)

 this was just an area for the littlest kids to play with some farm animals, but they found our construction vehicles in a box or something, because this is what I found when I walked over there :)

our egg stand...

this was our "garden" in our classroom.  Last year I found some great plastic carrots during Easter time, and we used those to "plant"  The kids had a great time with this also, there was a lot of talk about drought and they thought they should be able to get more water in the watering can to make sure the veggies didn't dry up... they are pretty smart cookies!!!
We enjoyed using this event as a way to practice our counting, sorting, and patterns.  We also read lots of farming books, animal books, and practiced some CVC words.  It was a pretty exhausting week, and although I truly love the event... I am glad it is over and we can get back to our normal routine... but wait, isn't Dr. Seuss Parade coming up, then Grandparents Day (at least at our school) and then Spring comes, and before you know it we will be practicing for our Moving Up Ceremony!!!  Argh... just when you think you can relax :)

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  1. Hello Michelle! Long time no read! LOL! I absolutely loved your post and fell in love with Bessie! Love the look on her face! Your post made me want to virtually jump in for a study trip to your classroom!