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Friday, March 14, 2014

Experiments, Lucky Leprechauns & Obstacle Course

Well, I am on my last day of Spring Break :( 
Before we left for Spring Break though, we had lots of fun with our Dr. Seuss Week.  We experimented with Eggs and Vinegar, we learned about Rhyming Words, we made Leprechaun traps in hopes of catching our tricky little Lucky the Leprechaun and lastly we ended the week with some Musical Obstacle Course Fun!!!

I found this experiment online SOMEWHERE.  I am sure it was on Pinterest!! 
We took 2 eggs and put them in Vinegar... we added a little green dye to one of them to see what would happen.  I put a clipboard next to the experiment so the kids could record what they observed over the course of the week.

By the 3rd day, we found that the vinegar "ate" away the outer shell of our egg...
It was fun to see the bubbles on the egg from the vinegar, it was also interesting that the shell just vanished.  One of the students noticed that there were no pieces of shell floating in the vinegar.  This lead to a discussion about where we thought it went or what happened to it when the vinegar touched it.  Some of our thought were...
"Maybe it's still there, but just soft"
"No, we can't see it anymore, or feel it."
"Yeah, it's mushy now, not hard or bumpy."
"Could it be like Kool-Aid??  When my mom puts Kool-Aid in water it changes color and goes away."
"Yeah, maybe it just went into the vinegar water."
It was a lot of fun listening to their conversations.  Which lead into a discussion on how the shell dissolved into the vinegar, and how the components of the vinegar "ate" away at the shell until it was all gone.  Then each child got to hold an egg and feel the differences from before it went into the vinegar.  We compared and listed how it felt.  Until, of course, a little boy squeezed a little to hard and we had green, squishy, mushy, vinegary, egg on the carpet :)

Here are our Leprechaun traps...
The kids were SO focused on making them. 
It took all morning to make them and set them up...
Boy did they have fun!!

They thought of every spot they could imagine!!!

I loved the use of the tape!!

We ended our week with an obstacle course that had to be completed to music!!  When the music stopped, so did we... no matter where we were.  There favorite part was crawling under the tables!!!
We also had fun with Rhyming Words... I made a game out of green plastic eggs.  I put one word on one side of the egg and the rhyming match on the second part and they had to find the match and put them together.  It was a little tricky as some of the eggs were bigger then others, so even though the two words may have matched, if the eggs didn't fit together, they still had to search for the correct match.  For some it was quite easy, others... not so much.  By Friday about 80% of the kids could read ever CVC rhyming word and find the correct match, those kids were asked to write the words on a recording sheet, where as the 20% who still had a hard time, were able to just play the game with a teacher and practice blending the letters to read them .
I am looking forward to getting back to school next week, although I will miss the ability to lounge around the house all day ;)

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