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Sunday, June 29, 2014


It has been so long since I have popped over here to my lonely little blog :( 
The end of the school year is always hectic and I am still getting used to being a working Mama.  Trying to balance it all, and find the time for this blog has been hard. 
As you can see we went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week long beach trip!!  It has been quite awhile since we took a real holiday together as a family!!  I am so glad we did.  I was a lot of fun.  Although, I NEVER thought I would get sick of eating out!!  But after 7 days of trying to find an eatery for 12 people I was glad to get home to my own kitchen. 
We planned the holiday with my husbands family, for his Dad's 80th birthday. 

I think Medieval Times was one of our favorite things to do!!! 
Oh NO!!!  

 My Twins and I!!!
 We were rooting for the Blue Knight!!!
We really got into it!!!
 Waiting to be allowed into the arena!!  I read a lot of reviews that you had to get there early and hurry into line so you could get a "good" seat.  But, we were given a specific table and had no problem seeing anything!!  Actually, I really don't think there was a bad seat I the arena. 
 My Lords waiting to be fed :)
 Our server was great!!  He made the show more fun and really interacted with the kids!!
 The horses were beautiful!!  I read about where they are breed, kept, trained, etc... and was impressed with the Medieval Times association and how well they take care of them. 

 Here was the Blue Knight... he did a great job, but the yellow knight was much more animated, so we knew he was going to win.  But our Knight did well and only got "taken out" by the yellow knight.  I wonder how they decide who gets to win???

 View from our balcony.  We stayed in North Myrtle Beach... at the Sea Watch Resort. 
It was beautiful and we could not have been happier with our room and the resort itself.
Although, there were always SO many people at the pool that it was just easier to go to the beach.  I don't think I ever set foot in the pool, but I did get to use the lazy river a few times, it was clean, cool and not very busy :)
The view was something I looked forward to every day!!
My Beautiful Family!!!
What a great time we had!!
Now it's time to get back home and get ready for camp, then back to school...
how does the summer go by so fast!!!

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