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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Building and Huffing and Puffing

TK has been studying construction the past few weeks.  We have looked at building things us, as well as taking things down.  We love the story of The 3 Little Pigs so we built our lessons, this past week, around that story.  One of the things we had so much fun doing was building our own "houses" and seeing if the "Big, Bad Wolf" could blow it down.  We paired the kids up with a partner, gave them a tray of "building materials" and gave them 15 minutes to create some sort of "house."  They were so excited!!!  I think the pipe cleaners were the hardest to figure out, but I am so glad we used them.  The kids really had fun working with all the materials. 
I got this idea off of Pinterest, which led me to the blog, Sewing School.
So below you will find the trays we had ready for the kids to choose from...
I wanted to show pictures of the kids building their houses, but I always forget that I can't show faces, and I always not only get the kids I am photographing, but there are ALWAYS a few in the background!!!  So, instead below you will see the Big, Bad Wolf trying to blow down some of the houses!!!
We made the big, bad wolf our of my hair dryer, adding the ears and eyes by taping them on... again, not my idea, got it from Sewing School.
So cool isn't it!!!!
Unfortunately Godzilla House didn't hold up... after much discussion, we decided that the dominoes were just to slippery to stand up to the huffing and puffing of the big, bad wolf.
The Sugar Cube House didn't do to bad, it moved a bit, but not to much.

The big, bad wolf tried as hard as it could to blow Mr. Gumball House down... but to no avail!!!
Along with learning about how air could blow down houses, we learned that the air from our lungs could do move things too.  We started out with blowing paint around the paper (it will become some kites later on).  The kids realized that the big, bad wolf had much better lung capacity than themselves. 

We had a lot of fun with this unit.  We also worked on our writing by creating a class book about the "houses" we built.  We took the dominoes and made addition sentences with them and counted out how many dots there were.  It was a fun week!!!

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